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Name:Harry Dresden
Birthdate:Oct 31
Location:Chicago, Illinois, United States of America
Let's just get this over with right up front. Yes, I'm a professional wizard. No, this is not the same thing as being a professional magician. I don't do kids' parties, and I'm not planning on playing Vegas or cruise ships anytime in the foreseeable future.

And before you ask--no, I do not make and sell love potions, and I cannot create a purse or wallet with an unending supply of money. If I had a wallet like that, believe me, I would be using it. Unfortunately, money has to come from somewhere, so anyone making that wallet would be arranging for the accounts and safes and coin-filled socks of hundreds, maybe thousands of people to be robbed. Not doing that. Oh, and a potion that compels someone to love and desire you? Basically, a magical roofie.

Mostly, I try to help people. There is a lot of weird shit in the world, and most people don't notice it until they're practically tripping over it. When a person or an organization (say, the Chicago Police's Homicide Division) spots that something exceptionally bizarre and dangerous is going on--the magical version of The X-Files, fundamentally--I get called in to find out what's what and, most of the time, save someone's life, sanity and/or soul. I do my best not to annoy too many of the Powers That Be in Chicago in the process...though that never works out very well.

Anyway. That's me. Harry Dresden, professional wizard-private detective-troubleshooter-trouble magnet. If you have a problem that you can't really explain and that everyone is dismissing as impossible superstition, call me. I'm in the Yellow Pages. Under "wizards."

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ancient mai, avoiding magical parole officers, black court vampires, bob, bodyswitching serial killers, breaking spells, casting spells, chicago police, colm dresden, connie murphy, conning demons, cursed skulls, doom boxes, dracoforms, drumstick wands, eating, enchanted hockey sticks, escaping handcuffs, evil uncles staying dead, ghostly advisors, ghosts, ghosts of necromancers, hands of glory, high council, hrothbert of bainbridge, jeeps, jeeps not breaking down, justin morningway, magic, magical parole officers, margaret dresden, more magic, morgan, multiple fathers, not casting black magic, not getting beheaded, picking locks, potions, red court vampires, rent, saving hellions from hell, self-defense, skinwalkers, snark, spells, stubborn cops, stubborn reporters, susan rodriguez, wardens, weird cases, werewolves, winifred the sorceress, wizard detectives, wizards
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